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Texas Tech-14.5 vs Kansas Solid Winner

This was an easy pick, which is the only way I take them. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make while betting sports is betting difficult to pick games. Many can’t help themselves. I am glad I don’t have that problem. Texas Tech opened up a 21 nothing lead in the first quarter. I expected nothing less. When Kansas pulled within 16 in the third quarter, I felt only a slight tinge of unease and grumbled that TT was playing under their ability.

However 16 points was as close as they got. Running back Desmond Nisby had 4 tds on the night. Nic Shimonek tossed yards and got two TDs.

When the dust settles Texas Tech had thoroughly thrashed Kansas 65-19 beating the spread in multiples. This is what I expect when I pick a game.

Record for the week is 4-0.

Washington vs KC over 48.

AK State-7 vs Georgia S. Solid play that went as expected. 43-25 final

NC State+3.5 vs Louisville Solid play NC State wins outright as expected.

Texas Tech-14.5 This was the bet the farm play of the year. 65-19



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