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Sunday Plays are not my favorite and last weeks bettor recap

I have have given out 3 NFL plays for today. The 1st is Buffalo +3.5 over Cincinnati. As I write the game is tied 10-10.

Handicapping pro football is tough. Too many eyes are on it and you don’t see the odds mistakes that you do in NCAA football.

I don’t like to gamble. I only like to win money. I bet on games that I expect to go in my favor. Take AK State-7.5 vs Georgia Southern. This was an obvious play and and showed as such throughout the game.

Cincinnati just scored a touchdown. My anxiety elevates. Back to NCAA. I believe we get a sweet spot between the 3-6 week for handicapping. You have some current play history so that you can judge what is going to happen, yet not so much that everyone can tell. There is also emotional money that moves lines in a direction that does not reflect reality. This is really what fosters the sweet spot in the season. Toward the end of the season the odds reflect reality far better. Buffalo just got a field goal. MONDAY: Sunday finals for us are Buffalo is a LOSER. Green Bay and KC came through. Last week had us 4 – 1 for the pros and 4-1 NCAA.

The 4 NCAA winners were all runaways, done by halftime with VTECH vs BC as the lone loser. The NFL games were were all edge of the seat till the last with a stroke of luck with KC defense pulling out the over against Washington on the last play.  This coming week I plan to get a tune up for my magic 8-ball and hope for a lossless week.



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