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NFL Week 5: Four Money Factoids

As we chug into Week Cinco, be advised: In one month we are up 16.88% at . Try getting that return on your stocks.

Here are some FREE factoids to mull over before you break down and admit that you need to sign up for our full slate of uncommonly brilliant selections.

Factoid 1: Neither Jacksonville nor Tampa Bay scores much (hint, hint). And Jameis Winston is an interception machine. But one of these have-not teams has a huge offensive edge this Sunday and should cover EASILY.

Factoid 2: We are in possession of a matchup of two mediocre defenses that translates into a projected point total of 51 – an eight point cushion over the current betting total. That same game features the team with the biggest home field advantage IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

Factoid 3: The Redskins are the 4th-ranked defense in the NFL after 4 weeks. That’s because they’ve played four of the worst offenses in the league. Do with that information what you will.

Factoid 4: Arizona/Detroit is going over.

Follow us. Compare us with your results. And let us know when you’re ready to make real money.

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