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NFL Thursday Night: Atlanta at New Orleans

We were 3-1 for Week 5. That puts us at 15-9 (62.5% winners) – you're welcome, America. 

That's all well and good. How do you make money tonight?

First, get beyond the obvious: Julio Jones is a pretty fair receiver. The Falcons have been consistently coming from behind in the 4th quarter – and they even have a running game again.

The Saints' obviosities: Drew Brees is old. Their longest run of 2015 has been 17 yards. Their defense is ranked 32nd in the NFL (dead last) – but it really isn't that good. 

You should know all those factors already - IF you're serious about winning. But there are also less obvious factors that put this game in the near L-O-C-K column. 

The bottom line? Get it here:

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