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NFL Monday Night Freebie

We’re stuck on 3-3 units for Week 6. This calls for 2 units on tonight’s total. But Philadelphia -3.5 looks too accurate to play.

In the meantime, what lessons can we learn from yesterday’s action? How about:

  • The Tennessee Titans still suck – and the Dolphins WERE in need of a coaching change.
  • The Panthers are for real. The Seahawks, on the other hand, have regressed to being a very ordinary team with no chance to return to the Big Game and very little chance of making the playoffs
  • The Chiefs were also ordinary before losing J Charles. Now they’re heading for an excellent draft pick
  • Michael Vick has not been an NFL-caliber quarterback for a while and the Steelers are back in business as long as he’s off the field. When a QB’s play resembles Rick Mirer’s, it’s time to call it a career.
  • Peyton Manning is also very near the end – all he knows how to do is win. He beat a good team without the mile-high advantage.

THE FREEBIE: Giants / Eagles will go over the 51 total. (Up from 49)

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