My UFO story

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As a person who witnessed a UFO open a wormhole and disappear into it during broad daylight, I have the luxury of knowing for a fact that there’s at least dimensional travel technology suppressed.   The link provided is a model of a UFO I witnessed.  Yes, I had a witness.  My father in-law.  A man with impeccable credentials who couldn’t deny what he saw.   Your acceptance of this does not have any barring on the truth of what I witnessed.  Suck in the info. In the end and grand design is all about math and science.  Start thinking big.

Stay tuned for a much more detailed description of this event and my trip down the rabbit hole and why sports betting theory played a key role preparing me for into providing the light I’m about to shine into the dark world of conspiracies.  Find out why the tin foil hat society can’t logically shake them.

Get ready to ask yourself what I’ve had to ask myself.  Am I a Conspiracy Theorist or am I a Coincidence Theorist?


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