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Mort Olshan and the GoldSheet – The start of Gambling Information

Morth Olshan and The GoldSheet

This is the 2nd part in the “History of Gambling” series. Please enjoy the article on Mort Olshan and The GoldSheet.

Mort Olshan was a pioneer in the gambling world. The GoldSheet was, and still is by many, considered the gamblers bible for over 50 years. The GoldSheet had considerable influence in gambling circles across the USA. Especially in Nevada. Players and bookmakers used to wait for hours for the Gold sheet to show at newsstands. It was a weekly tradition for gamblers for many years. Most gamblers would have a gambling rotation and The GoldSheet tucked firmly in the back pocket.
The GoldSheet

Remembered Fondly by the Industry

 Longtime sports analyst and radio host, Larry Grossman once said  “Mort represented everything that was good about the sports betting industry. His integrity was beyond reproach. He was providing valuable information to sports bettors long before there were computers and national newspapers.”
I had the pleasure of Meeting Mr Olshan at his offices in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard. At the time i was much younger and i was like a kid. Wide eyed and taking in every word. To me he was a pioneer and for many years I patiently waited for his publication to show at the newsstand. Now I was sitting in his office a few  feet away. He was a very pleasant man,very knowledgeable and after our conversation with him he walked us around the office and introduced us to his whole staff. i left that meeting with even more respect for him not just as a gambling pioneer but as a man…was truly one of those days you just remember forever.
Mort was one of the first to teach money management. He spent most of his life battling those making outlandish claims of winning percentages trying to take advantage if players.. He was one of the first to be dedicated to help gamblers learn to bet wisely.
The GoldSheet was famous for its challenge that they issued. If you posted your picks in advance and you win percentage was over 60% you would receive $100,000. Many tried and no one ever collected.

Mort had seven key issues he always preached to bettors to avoid with The GoldSheet

  1. Not knowing what it takes to be a winner.
  2. Showing undisciplined Money Management.
  3. Lacking Patience.
  4. Failing to set priorities.
  5. Following groundless technical trends.
  6. Betting with the Heart and not with the head.
  7. Listening to tips and other nonsense.
These words are still practiced by professional gamblers today. Words for bettors to live by.
Mort Olshan is a true pioneer in helping gamblers, while providing content to help make successful bettors out of all of them. Olshan passed away September 25, 2003 after a long battle with lung cancer.
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