LVSPN - Las Vegas Sports Players NetworkWelcome to the new season of sports handicapping at Las Vegas Sports Players Network. We have retooled the website at and made it as easy as possible for you to add your content, get your you tube videos to automatically upload to your handicapping pages, and for your posts to automatically be sent out to over 15 different social networks (30+ accounts hooked to it) so your content gets seen by as many people as possible. The 2017-18 handicapping season is going to be a great year for LVSPN and all its associated handicappers.

We tried our best to streamline the Woo Commerce shopping cart between both websites we use (Bettor Center and lvspn), but the type of software the handicapping monitoring system needed to be developed in will not allow it in this instance. We are currently working on integrating the handicapping software of LVSPN and BettorCenter but until this is done, individual Picks will be sold on LVSPN while Picks Packages and Monitoring will be done on

Your Handicapper’s Page

Each Handicapper now has their own page where they can add any material they want on them like detailed biography information, videos, social media feeds and more. Basically, this will be your brag page to help you sell your picks!

To find your page simply go to the right side “Handicappers Menu“. Once you have found your page and would like to add some changes to it, just email us with any information you would like to add or edit at

If you have not signed up with us yet, simply REGISTER and then email us at and we will create a page for you.

Here are the new Features Handicappers will have:

  • Easily publish your Free Picks, blog and article on the LVSPN website
  • Easily Sell and Publish your Paid Picks using the Woo Commerce software on LVSPN
  • Your YouTube videos will Automatically be embedded on our handicapping page
  • Every post and free pick you publish will be automatically publish on over 15 different social network
  • New Marketing tools to help promote your picks such as:
    • Contest for players – We will be having handicapping contest for our visitors to increase the popularity of the site and advertise all handicappers
    • Coupon Codes

Content is King – Introduction to Publishing Your content

Publishing your free picks, articles and paid picks has never been easier.  You simply have to login in and then from the right menu, choose what you want to publish.

Publishing Your Free Picks

To Publish a Free Pick, simply login, and then click on “Add  New Free Pick” from the Cappers Menu located on the right side menu.  From there, simply fill out the form.  Make sure to ad an image to your Free Pick Post as it will make it stand out and bring you more popularity.  In addition, make certain that the Free Pick goes in the correct category.  For example, if you make an MLB Free Pick then choose the category that says, “MLB FREE”

Keep in mind that all FREE PICKS post should be exclusively in the “FREE PICKS” category and its sub-categories.

Publishing Articles and Blog Posts

To Publish an article/blog post is just as easy as publishing a FREE PICK. simply login, and then click on “Add New Blog Post” from the Cappers Menu located on the right side menu.  From there, simply fill out the form by adding a title and the post content.

Make sure to add an image to your post/article as it will make it stand out and bring you more popularity.  In addition, make certain that the post/article goes in the correct category.  For example, if you make a post/article about the NLF then you would choose the NFL category that is under “Sports News”.

Keep in mind that all article/blog post should be exclusively in the “Sports News” category and its sub-categories.

This Season, Keep 100% of the Profit You Make from Your Picks

For the 2017-2018 Football season, all LVSPN Handicappers can keep 100% of the profit they make from their paid picks if they provide and publish on LVSPN Six videos OR articles (any combination just 6 total). With all the games going on each week Six articles or You Tube videos shouldn’t be hard to do so there is no reason why you should not earn 100% of your earnings from your picks!

  • The articles must be Original and only for LVSPN
  • Videos can be of your podcasts, radio shows, or anything that you do.
  • Original Videos would be great, but not necessary since you will be sending in a brief write up with it.

*If you don’t want to provide content, then you will still make 70% of your sales on LVSPN.

For more information email:

Publishing Your Paid Picks

Selling your picks on is as easy as pie. Once you login your account, simply click on the link that says “Add Paid Pick” located on the “Cappers Menu” that is located on the right side of the page.  From there, simply fill out the form and you are done.  Once you hit the submit button, you will be able to see your pick for sale in the “Buy Picks” section of the website.

Remember to add a picture to your paid pick as it can make a difference between a sale and an almost sale.



Get Your Latest YouTube Video on LVSPN Automatically

If you have a YouTube channel, you might as well take advantage of LVSPN to broaden your reach!  Every handicapper’s page is allowed to have videos in it.  This means, that we can set it up where your latest YouTube video will always show up on your Handicapping page!

All you have to do is send us the URL of one of your videos on YouTube and we will do the rest.  Send them to along with your username.


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