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Arkansas State Georgia Southern 1st Half or Whats 4 Interceptions Without A Personal Foul on The Side? (2nd Half Too)

The first quarter just ended with a 43 yard field goal by Sawyer Williams. So far the Georgia Southern offense is about as expected. It’s their defense that got an interception in the the first that has made the difference.

Along with solid defensive line that has effectively shut down the Red Wolves rushing. Early in the second quarter Shai Werts is running all over the Arkansas defense with an average 8 yards per carry.

If the Red Wolves don’t figure this guy out quickly they are going to lose this one straight out, forget about the spread.  Tie game Tyler Bass field goal 25 yards. 9 plays 67 yards in 4:45 minutes time.  I wonder when the actual Red Wolves football team is going to show up. They look like junior varsity out there against a team they should easily beat. Ok Justice Hansen to Chris Murray 56 yards TD 9-3.  Sawyer Williams PAT missed, WTF.  Georgia kickoff return Myles Campbell to GS 8 yard line. Ugh. GS scores again 74 yard run for Monteo Garrett. PAT Good. 9-10 GS. Great this guy makes his fourth carry of the season and gets 74 yards? AK State is blowing this game all around.  Justice Hansen interception:( The AKS coach needs to scream at them for about 10 minutes. Warren Wand 25 yard run TD PAT missed, REALLY. 15 – 10 AKS.

I swear if they miss covering by 2 points, grumble, grumble. Note that I am following this game from the online espn stats ticker. I swear the guy in charge of updating the data must be a monkey. Just a second ago he had GS scoring a touchdown and then it got flipped over top AKS. Well the run offense continues to work for GS. They have more yards rushing in this half than the entire season prior. GS punts AKS 1st and ten AKS 15. Interception number 3 for Justice Hansen:( From now on I think I am going to make my predictions using a magic 8-ball.  Touchdown Georgia Southern. BITE  ME! Seriously Hansen has 2 interceptions in all the games prior. What up? Ok Hansen to Murray TD and Sawyer Williams is able to get the PAT 22-17 AKS. Looks like the betting play should have been OVER 58. Whats 3 interceptions without a personal foul penalty on the side?  It would be like Ebola without the bleeding from every orifice. Half time. Pardon me while I go kick the dog(just kidding).


2nd half begins with 5 yards against GS AKS 1st down. Justice Hansen 12 yd run 1st down AKS. 29 yard pass Hansen to Edwards first down GS 24 yard line. 5 yard penalty false start 5 yards still first down.

Hansen to Mack 29 yards and another AKS TD. Williams makes the PAT bringing him to 50/50 for the night. I am holding my breath on the PAT’s tonight. The next drive by GS will set the tone. If the AKS defense finally shows up they should shut them down. Of course that should have happened in the first half. 15 yards Wesley Fields GS 1 st down. AKS pass interference another GS first down.

AKS just intercepted and are on the GS 29 yard line. TD Warren Wand. 36 – 17 AKS.:) I want to smile but I haven’t recovered from the first half of play yet. Like maybe an asteroid will fall out of the sky and land on Justice Hansen. Alright I am over it. I believe that the rest of the game will play out as I PREDICTED! So far the AKS defense is shutting Shai Werts down. Plus that guy is like the entire GS offense. He has to tire at some point. Ramsby runs for 20 and a GS  1st down. GS is running like every play, I mean it is working sort of.  The ESPN stat monkey is still in top form GS went from 4th down back to first. We’ll hold our breath while he figures it out. GS tries to pass on fourth incomplete AKS ball. Note that Shai Werts is now 1 for 4 with 1 interception and 3 yards on the night. Hansen just got sacked. He came in tonight with a back injury.

45 yard punt GS ball at their own 29. Shai Werts 2 yard rush 2nd down. Ramsby 1 yard rush 3rd down and 7. Shai Werts 17 yard rush 1st down GS.  Even a broken clock is right once a day Shai Werts 39 yards to Mark Machuad AKS 12 ist down.  GS just recovered their own fumble and Werts made a 1 yard run.  Looking like a FG is likely to be attempted. MISS!. Hansen 51 yards to his favorite target Chris Murray. GS 31 yard line 1st down. Wand runs 2 to the GS 29 yard line. There’s that asteroid, interception number 4. Shai Werts 13 yards GS 1st down. Time is a factor now. Even though Hansen wants to give this one away, with the  trench warfare that GS is waging they won’t move the ball fast enough to upset the point spread. Right now total yards are 377 for AKS and 283 for GS with GS only having 42 passing yards. Shai Werts 1 yard 2nd and 9. Shai Werts sacked 2 plays in a row and losing 5 yards. 49 yard punt AKS ball 1st and 10 AKS 15 yard line.  False start 5 yards, 1st and 15. Wand 2 yards to the AKS 12. Hansen incomplete pass to Bayless 3rd and 13. Wand 3 yards. 4th and 10 time to punt. 35 yard punt GS ball 50 yard line. Shai Werts 50 yards to Obe Fortune TD 2 point conversion. 25-36 AKS. Werts doesn’t get many but when he does he makes them count .

Don’t count your chickens. GS is one score away from blowing the point spread. Those 2 missed PAT’s are calling out to me. AKS is on the GS 42 after the kickoff. I am assuming that an onside was tried. Johnston 2 yard rush. Hansen incomplete pass. 39 yard punt GS has it at their own 1 yard line. Well good news for anyone who took the over, it’s covered in spades. I thought it would be a bad play since GS average 12 points a game coming in.  Werts 1 yard to the 2.  Wedrts 3 yards to the 5. 3rd and 5. Werts 18 yard pass 1st down GS 23 yard line. Werts 14 yard  pass 1st down GS.  2 incomplete passes 3rd and 10.

2 yard rush Ramsby 4th and 8. Incomplete pass AKS ball GS 42. AKS can lock it down on this drive, fingers are crossed. Jones 5 yard rush to GS 37 2nd and 5. HANSEN 37 yard TD pass to  A.J. Cayetano 43-25 AKS. Not counting chickens or un-crossing my fingers, which makes it really hard to type. Sawyer Williams kickoff for 43 yards. SHai Werts 12 yards on  1st down to GS 42. Werts 35 yards to AKS 35 yard line.

The ESPN retarded Monkey struck again let us say it is GS at AKS 33. Werts 9 yards to the AKS 24. Werts runs for 2 more to make a 1st down at AKS 22. 2:38 left GS has to score 11 points to screw up the point spread. :):): GS fumbles and AKS recovers ++++++++GS gives us an unsportsman like conduct for 15 more:):):) It’s close to chicken counting time. 43 seconds left, all chickens present and accounted for! Fingers uncrossed. Glad this play came through. It was a little closer than expected but still covered in spades. 11 seconds left, I am thinking about a Stanford Cal game that involved the band, couldn’t happen here. Interception and the clock runs out, 43-25 final, GOODNIGHT!

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