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Monthly Archives: October 2015

NFL Monday Night Freebie

We’re stuck on 3-3 units for Week 6. This calls for 2 units on tonight’s total. But Philadelphia -3.5 looks too accurate to play. In the meantime, what lessons can we learn from yesterday’s action? How about: The Tennessee Titans still suck – and the

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NFL Thursday Night: Atlanta at New Orleans

We were 3-1 for Week 5. That puts us at 15-9 (62.5% winners) – you’re welcome, America. That’s all well and good. How do you make money tonight? First, get beyond the obvious: Julio Jones is a pretty fair receiver. The Falcons have been consistently

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NFL Week 5: Four Money Factoids

As we chug into Week Cinco, be advised: In one month we are up 16.88% at . Try getting that return on your stocks. Here are some FREE factoids to mull over before you break down and admit that you need to sign up

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